How to configure system notification?

I’m trying to send notification when a new document is created… Nothing to do, I do not receive any notification…

Here after my configuration:

  • frappe 13.11.0

My problem is the same as:

Can someone help ?


Well, by updating to frappe 13.19.0 the notification appeared:


But, despite of new notification, the aspect of the bell does not change: so the users may not see the notifications.

Is there a way to show any kind of alert with this bell when a new notification happens ?


hello did you find a solution as i’m struggling with the same issue. I am using frappe 13.19.0 too.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

I’m trying to get a notification in bell icon …in dropdown it’s not showing system notification i’m using version-12

can pls help me

this will be relevant here