How to convert absent or haft day into without pay leave

how to convert absent or haft day into without pay leave


After creating salary slip, if you open it, you will see a field with name “leave without pay”.
You can mention no of days here, salary will be deducted accordingly.


for that i have to create individual salary slips


First create all salary slips through payroll process and then edit for an employee who has leave without pay.


all that is a manual effort it should auto calculate from attendance and leave leave which is not applied and not approved

You can check ‘Depends on Leave Without Pay’ in salary structure of that employee in earning child table. Then while generating slips from process payroll tool then it will auto calculate it based on present days.

Deep T

not it only calculate from the approved leave which is under without pay not from absent

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Agree with Sumit. It calculates only approved leaves and not absent… Any solution yet?

is there any solution yet ?

I am with Sumit and joshiparthin on this.

The functionality to integrate absences with salary processing should be an option. It will really reduce manual computation/entry if there is an option to treat days absent(without approved leave) as without pay.

Correct me if I am wrong but at the moment, what we can do only is to manually add the absences in the Leave Without Pay field to make the deductions.

Hope this can be resolved soonest.