How to create an account chart in ERPNext?


I want to create a spanish pyme 2008 chart of accounts (a special type of spanish chart of accounts). I registered in the charts web , but it is not working.

How can I do the chart in a file and then import it to ERPNext? Is it something like odoo modules in ERPNext, so I can import a chart instead configuring it each time I do an instalation?


hi fgarcia, this may help:

Thanks, PyJumper

I did so, but its not working. I select spain, and the portal stops and nothing happens.

Hi @fgarcia,

If you are hosting ERPNext yourself, you can also copy your chart of accounts in the verified folder inside the account module > chart of accounts

It should start with “es_”

Then try to create a new company, you should be able to select it.


I’m attaching my fork problem to this thread

I can’t figure out how to fork a chart of account to contribute a German chart of accounts with numbers

I’m logged into the ERPNext charts site choosing a standard chart. Pressing the Fork button I always get the message "Duplicate name Company Germany - Kontenplan SKR04-10 " but there is nothing else available. Where can I find the forked chart to edit?

Creating a new chart works, I’ll find the new chart in section My Charts