How to create Purchase Return Without Purchase Receipt in ERPnext


I have old stock lying in my Stock and i want to return it to the supplier.
I added those stock as opening stock.

now I want these stocks to return it to the supplier, so how can I process in Erpnext.

How to create Purchase Return Without Purchase Receipt reference no.

Hi community,
Any solution


Please refer this Purchase Return

May this will help you.

Thanks for the reply,

But this does not solve my problem.

Any other options to do this.?

You received stock that you did not purchase, so perhaps use say Stock Entry and/or Delivery Note to return it to your supplier?

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I received all stock by using purchase receipt, allmost 1000 item’s with different purchase receipt.

Now my question is, can I do bulk purchase return in one purchase return instead of multiple multiple purchase return by selecting individual purchase receipt?

It is not possible to return all those stock by going individual purchase document no to return.

If we do that it will take lot’s of time to return.

And it is not possible to identify stock’s by going each and every document no.

Is any simple option to return all stock by scanning or selecting in one purchase return?

From what you describe maybe a BulkPurchaseReturn custom doctype to collect PurchaseReturn children would work?

Your best bet would be issuing a Debit Note (from Purchase Invoice, select the flag “Is Return”), make sure you also select the Update Stock flag above the Item Table
You will have to create separate Debit Notes supplier-wise.
There is no simple single click method for your requirement as of now on ERPNext.

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But we manage only inventory in erpnext, not purchase invoice.

Is any other way to short it this purchase return?

Sorry for my english language, I am not good in english.

My simple question is. Can we do purchase return to supplier without selecting any purchase document ?
Or any other workaround ??

Do you just want to increase stock from Purchase Return ?

You can create Stock Entry with entry type “Material Receipt” to increase stock.


But I want to decrease stock by sending it to supplier. How I can do ?

Did you try “Material Issue” under Stock Entry" ?


But is this standard way to return bulk stock to supplier ?

Finally I came to only one conclusion,
there no standard features to do bulk stock purchase return without document reference in Erpnext.

Can’t do bulk purchase return without reference.
May be I am wrong, but didn’t find any solution for the purchase return without document reference.