How to create the temporary warehouse?

I want to add a temporary warehouse so how to add this ??

Perhaps explain your use case context and what you have tried?

I want to add a new enhancement the enhancement is i want to create a tempory warehouse

Suppose the xyz customer have use the tempory warehosue in only 2 week so he can choose the tempory warehouse .after 2 week the warehosue automatically remove .
While selecting the temporary warehouse should ask the the time and date before he have to select one check box for the use temporary warehouse whenever he check that box 2 text boxex are appear like From Date and anothe is To Date
Select the date and save the warehosue like that.

That’s an ambitious customization to develop.

So then what is the problem what have you tried or where are you stuck?

Fortunately this forum is chock full of q&a pointers all you need to do is search?

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It almost sounds like he is trying to use “temporary warehouses” as a sort of Sales Order. Maybe he is attempting to sequester certain inventory aside (like reserving it) for a customer to then complete the sale.

Sounds like a complex way of just making Sales Orders.


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Yes the problem here is to define the problem :wink:

@BKM your design ideas like this one never fail to fascinate me How to account for Goods in the custody of Sales Representative until he distribute and sells the Goods? - #20 by bkm

The longer I do this, the more I have to be creative. The advantage is that sometimes those efforts pay off by helping others. :grinning:



My pb is i add three filed in the warehouse doctype .
1.Is Temporary checkbox
2.From Date Date
3.To Date Date

so whenever user create a warehouse and when he click on the Is Temporary checkbox the below two fileds are appear. that set i want . so how to do this…

Continues here Creating new Warehouse issue with check box