How to customize options for Customer Naming By Naming Series V14 ERPNext


I need a customer number for customer name.

I use ERPNext Version 14.x (v14.3.0), after setup the Naming Series at Selling Settings.

I can create new Customer with IDs, but I need to change the Expression CUST-.YYYY.- to “090-.####”.

How can I do this? If I Customize Form - Customer:

I cant not change the Options at field naming_series from options (CUST-.YYYY.-) to (090-.).

Thank you for help…

Hi @jmueller71,

Please go to the Document Naming Settings and update it.

Then reload and check it.

Thank You!

Thank you NCP,

I try to fix it by Document Naming Rule, your answer fits perfect for me.

Kind regards

The document naming series is not visible to me.
i have recently migrated from V13 to 14 and it seems it may have been missed

I fixed my issue…
I simply ran
Bench build --reset

It allowed rebuilding the document naming series module for me