How to delete "Stock Ledger Entry"

How can i delete Stock Ledger Entry, I need to cancel the PO and PI but it’s all link to the Stock Ledger Entry.

There’s no delete for Stock Ledger Entry, Please advice

You can cancel the transaction and it will be deleted


To delete the stock ledger entries, you need to cancel the linked stock transaction.

thank you both for the reply, where is this transaction or linked stock transaction., it’s pretty much empty where i am looking, where am i looking not correctly? under stock look for linked stock transaction.?

thank you for taking time in this, please advice.

this is what i’m facing when i try to delete the PI

Please advice

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I am also facing the same error

Hi Amos,

I think this has been going on for sometime. Stock Ledger Entry created from Purchase Invoice will create trouble. Usually Purchase Invoice can be canceled. I am not sure what is the root cause, but my suspect is when creating Purchase Invoice and having “Update Stock” checkbox selected, and Stock Ledger Entry will be created.

I am having a similar problem posted under this thread.


I believe if you give delete permission for stock ledger entry in role permission manager you might able to delete that.

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Go to Accounts Settings and enable the “Delete Accounting and Stock Ledger Entries on deletion of Transaction” option.
You’ll be able to delete the stock entry after you cancel it, and all related entries will be deleted.


This method does solve it, thanks you