How to hide sidebar in list view

I want to know how to hide The sidebar from list view of a doctype , or even customize it

It’s not configurable for now. In the mobile view, it’s hidden by default.

Same functionality i have do can any one tell me how this possible .
remove the side bar from listing page only …
is there any generic solution for that so it can be remove at one time …

Hi @satish_malkar,

In the list page of any doctype, click on Menu Option. In the dropdown there will be an option called Toggle Sidebar, click on it. Then the sidebar will disappear. Check below screenshots.



I want to hide left bar only in listing page …not for all pages …

Hi guys, In my case i need to display Toggle Sidebar in default view.

You need to hide it by default in list view only and if you want to show it click on toggle sidebar to show it ? Or you need it to hide it in list view and not show all times


The above screenshot shows left side modules, but once i click on toggle side bar icon before the home it will display like below mentioned screenshot and i need like this…


Hi all, Any suggestion for the above case.

Any Solutions?

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