How to Include a new setup doctype into a module?

Hi ,

How do i include a new custom doctype into a particular Module Setup ?

Currently i have a custom App created with Custom Doctype . I have created a link field on Sales Order . But my user would like to setup the list of value from Selling / and others module .


<img src=“/uploads/default/original/2X/0/0fbdaf4c7df81595bc4f0962031af79dabb5a9dc.png” width=“690” height=“348”

You have to add custom doctype link in respective modules .py file e.g.
Refer following link -

Thanks this is exactly what i am looking for.


I think no need to alter code.

Hi Jyotinb ,

Thanks for your reply , we thought of this solution as well. But our requirement is get the custom doctype and included it into multiple module.

So is either we create multiple repeated doctype and assigned across Modules . Which we find out not practical and might causes data not synchronize.

Hence the earlier suggestion was just perfect , all links on the module will point us back to the same doctype setup table.