How to install ERPNext alongside a control panel (such as Vesta)?

Hi Community,

Anybody ever tried to install ERPNext alongside a control panel? For example vestacp, cpanel, webmin, etc…

I did have success one time before, but somehow later on can’t open the vestacp anymore even though ERPnext still running well. And now I forgot what steps I did to replicate the success.

I’m trying to install using another clean server and having difficulty. The steps that I did:

  1. Install ERPNext Easy Install
  2. Install VestaCP to include Nginx + Apache, mail server, antispam, etc

It seems that when VestaCP reinstall Nginx, somehow it breaks the Nginx that was configured by ERPNext easy install. And if I install VestaCP first, somehow there’s error in the ERPNext install.

So I’m wondering if anyone manage to get ERPNext + Control Panel successful alongside together? Please advise what setting or steps I need to do if someone has experience.

Thank you,

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Hi Thomas,
@joshreeder and I are working on something like this for a customer. We’re looking to design something modular and reusable and as much in the Frappe/ERPNext context as possible.

There is a dashboard app also that was ported from a Java application that is currently unmaintained that folks seemed to like when it was working and has a few ideas worth lifting.

Part of the problem with this task is the design aspect: everybody imagines something different when they say “dashboard” but we’re all using the same word.

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Hi Tyler, thanks for your post. Is this like Desk2.0 that Josh was talking in the other thread? That looks so nice with the advancement of the Dashboard.

However, the control panel (vestacp) I’m trying to install is still at the server level :grinning:. A graphical way for me to maintain domains, mail server, nginx and the load of processor usage, memory usage, etc. This is kind of the panel that we get when we are subscribed to a web hosting provider.

And the problem I’m having is that even though I choose not to install nginx, the vestacp install script somehow breaks the ERPNext.

Hi @tlie - I misunderstood.
Check out glances. It sounds like it might be half or more of your solution…

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No problem Tyler :wink: glances looks nice, I will try if it can replace vestacp.

In the meantime, if anyone has solved a case similar to mine, please share…


I have lots of servers with ERPNEXT alongside webmin with no problems

First I installed ERPNEXT (easy install) and then webmin by following this guide

Hope it helps!


Here’s a cpanel like Foss alternative

It works on Debian, and I could install erpnext on same server.

I could also use LDAP setup by yunohost server.

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Thanks guys.

@chabito79 @revant_one

I will have a look and try


Did you install ERPNext first or the Yunohost?

If you install Yunohost first. Check where yunohost stores it’s mysql/mariadb root password and use it in the process of setting up ERPNext.

Install manually on debian :

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I’d like to try Cockpit Project — Cockpit Project

For now I’ve installed Webmin after hearing from others users on this thread

There was an issue with mariadb dependency. Apparently yunohost uses different version (10.0) compared to ERPNext. After several failed attempts I decided to keep them separate.

Thanks for the heads-up though.

I tried cockpit, but if you want to really make a full office suite replacement with ERP then yunohost seems like the most user-friendly option.

Just as reassurance Webmin works great. It’s a great GUI tool to manage your server.

I can confirm that.

I have been experimenting for a few days now with Webmin running beside ERPNext on the same server and I figured out how to get it to accept a Lets Encrypt security certificate. When I get everything nailed down for setting it up in simple steps, I will do another Step-by-Step guide for it. It really brings a lot of extras to the server and makes it accessible from anywhere with a browser without the need of a SSH client.

Glad I stumbled onto this thread. It has been a real learning experisnce.