How to install HRMS in docker version?

Hello all,
i am pretty new to ERPNext, i will like if anyone has a full guide how to install ERPNext with HRMS module also.

Thank you in advance


Hi Everyone ,

Here is a custom image for the same , the image is prebuilt with hrms and payroll modules.

This should make things easy for everyone since many users are looking for the same.

This image is built on branch v15


This is a bit off-topic, but could you comment on your use of the mariadb:11.2 instead of 10.6? Have you been using this for some time, and does it work well without problems? What about 10.11? Thanks!

To be true, this is my first installation of ERPNext.

I could read somewhere in the documentation that version 11 of Mariadb should work as well so wanted to give it a try.
I am evaluating ERPNext right now and testing out all the features. I will comment here if I find something failing with v11 of Mariadb. I can surely go for 10.6 but will only fallback if some issue comes up with 11. Could you suggest me the flows which might fail ( that will help me test those first) .

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I can not. I’ve always stuck to 10.6 since that’s what’s used in the frappe_docker repository. So I don’t know if using 11 might have some compatibility issues. I know 10.6 and 10.11 are both LTS releases of mariadb, so personally I would stick with one of those for long-term stability.

Ah! I see that , v11 is only supported till June 2024, probably I should go back , I will test things out since it will take some time to enter the values again. But moving to 10.6 seems to be the right way.


First of all thank you for the custom image, I was trying to do the same, installing erpnext, bench and hrms apps using custom apps.json to build my custom image.

Can you update your on how did you built this custom image. I’ve been trying to use version-15 for bench, erpnext and hrms but hrms app post installation would blow out.

Also, Have you ported back to v10.6 for mariadb? Also, how do we set it up for production use case, with backups?

Thanks again.

Hi @morphious

I have added my apps.json that I am using.

The link at has been updated.

The issue I faced was the installation would get cancelled due to network errors and pulling of resources during build time, so make sure your internet is stable(better build at a remote EC2 instance) .
The custom Image was built using the standard documentation here at

Yes, I have ported back to v10.6 since it is a stable LTS version. I did not have any issues with v11 but for production use I ported to 10.6 since this is a tested one by the team.

For backups, currently I see there are issues with AWS S3 backups, but Google Drive backup works well. You can use that . I would wait for S3 issue to resolve and then switch since with growing data, drive will not be the right option.

For use cases like scaling the backend/frontend, I have not tried that yet but should be easy to go with docker swarm , converting individual containers to services.(Needs Testing)

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Also, the S3 backup issue is resolved , S3 Backup Error (An error occurred (400) when calling the HeadBucket operation: Bad Request) - #3 by itanand
So you can use S3 for backups.

Makes sense. I have faced dependency pulling issue due to network errors a lot. Good suggestion, piggy backing over aws backbone network would help.

Alright, I’ll port to v10.6 for sure. S3 backups are for sure the best thing out there. We can have lot of control on our backups.