How to make maintenance contributions (pull-requests)

How should maintenance contributions to v4 be submitted? Most of the links at the top of the erpnext file are no longer relevant (e.g. pointing to now-non-existent erpnext static web pages, obsolete Google group, etc.). I forked erpnext to fix the links (it didn’t seem a big enough deal to create a GitHub Issue) and was going to submit a pull-request when I saw the note in that pull requests should be made to the 5.0 branch.

For now, I’ll submit a pull-request as-is. I’m sure you’ll let me know if that doesn’t work for you at all. :wink:

For future reference, how should maintenance pull-requests to v4 be submitted? Also, are branch descriptions and the erpnext release process described anywhere? How often is the develop branch merged to master, and is that always a “release”?