How to make Terms of Payment ( after 30 day - 30 %, then after 45 day 70% ) in invoice due date

How to make Terms of Payment ( after 30 day - 30 %, then after 45 day 70% ) in invoice due date

There is no such feature built-in,But you can create separate Invoice based on the payment terms. Based on the Invoice and it’s due date, you can also plan your payable and cash flow.

Complicate , in egypt allaw make one invoice with more due date

Not getting, you mean to say in one invoice can have more due date?
or you are updating one invoice everytime with new due date.

One way to this:-
-you can create one invoice with due date suppose 20 July 2017 and against that invoice make partial payment
-you can do first payment in 12 June 2017,another 28 June, and 18 or 20 July 2017.
-Same invoice will get update with -how much outstanding and how much paid

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what about Aging report with this procedure ? and the payment calculation 30 % , 70 % from original amount

‘Account Receivable’ report will get update accordingly (when you make every payment)

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Actually you can add some parameters in customer master and then create a report with complex query to calculate ageing report not easy but achievable (this schema like sage 100 you create a pattern in parameter and auto generate ageing).


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I need the ERPnext calculate automatically when submit customer invoice : pleas create new table on database [ due_date_customer_invoice ( invoice_no, customer_no, due_date, amount_remainder, amount_payed) ] then when you used Payment Entry display the all due amount balanced on screen payment

What would be the default procedure to have multiple invoices with different due dates for one order?

For example:

  • 30% at order, 60% before delivery and the remaining 10% within 30 days after delivery.
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Has anybody any comment on my question? Be able to have this kind of payment terms is common and essential for me.

I have been asking for this for years, unfortunately I am not a developer, and still didn’t get one to help me develop it even as a paid effort.

raise this on the V9 Roadmap.

Could you share your proposal and design prototype for this?

i made a lot of customization but no one ask me for this scenario before could you explain it more ?

I would say it is a very common feature so maybe We’re not talking about the same.

If you would get an order for let’s say a big machine then a common payment term could be:

  1. a down payment of 50%
  2. 40% before delivery.
  3. Remaining 10% withing 30 days of delivery/commisioning.

So this would require 3 invoices for one order.

  1. Invoice nr1 send at time of order with an amount of 50% of the total order amount.
  2. Invoice nr2 send two weeks before the delivery date with an amount of 40% of the total order amount
  3. Invoice nr3 send at time of delivery with an amount of 10% and a due date of 30 days

I can’t imagine that nobody is facing this kind of payment terms, so if it’s not supported by default what would be the workaround for this?


I facing the same issue

This is how Odoo does it: Odoo Documentation — Odoo 16.0 documentation (old doc but you get the idea)

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ERPnext does not keep track of milestone billing. The system will not link the invoices to the SO. Only the first invoice get linked, the other are not. Moreover once you make the first invoice the project status will automatically change to Billed, even though you may have invoiced only 10%. I don’t know why nobody is facing issues with this, but perhaps they don’t manage big projects with complex purchases (which I find as normal purchases).

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Just for the record, there is similar topic: Payments due to 30-60-90 days (Very common Spanish Local functionality) and issue on GitHub: [Feature Request] Multiple due dates in the same invoice · Issue #6301 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I’ve noticed that ERPNext only tracks the first invoice and also doesn’t look at the invoiced amount.

As a work around I’ve tried to add an extra item to the invoice that has a negative value. So if I would have to bill a SO for a machine in two parts of 50% then the items on the first and second invoice would become:

Invoice 1:
Item: Machine €10.000,-
Item: Remaining 50% at time of delivery -€5.000,-
Total: €5.000,-

Invoice 2:
Item: Machine €10.000,-
Item: 50% paid at order -€5.000,-
Total: €5.000,-

Problem of this workaround I’ve found so far is:

  1. You have to calculate the values manual, as it’s an item with a negative value you can’t use a percentage, which makes it very sensitive for human errors.

  2. ERPNext doesn’t track the billed amount, so as soon as you’ve submitted the first invoice the status of the SO changes to build instead of 50% billed. So there doesn’t seam to be a way to keep track of these partial invoices.

Luckily I’ve found this google document with preliminary list of features for V9 including payment terms with multiple due dates :slight_smile:

That topic seems to cover one SO with one invoice with multiple due dates. I want to have one SO with multiple invoices ( one for each payment term)