How to purchase just the necessary quantities for a production order

I’m new with ERPNext and production planning.

I have an assembly (BOM) that I know I want to build. I have some inventory, but not everything I need. I just want to buy what I need, not everything on the BOM because I already have most items. I’ve tried to figure it out, but can’t see how to use the production planning tool or anything else to give me a simple view of what I need to purchase.

Help would be appreciated!

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Hello Ryan, Did you ever get a response to your question? I am having the same issue where I have created the BOM for the assembly, generated the sales order and then requested raw materials which pulls into a purchase order, but that is where I stop. The raw material request creates a mass purchase order and I have several vendors within this BOM, so that does not work for me and it is telling me to order everything and is not taking into account the stock I already have. I am a newbie with this software and need all the help I can get. Thanks Rene’

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any response and I haven’t been able to completely figure out the production planning tool. I used it tonight to try to prepare items for a prototype assembly I’m making. It seemed like it mostly generated a report showing the items I needed. I have a BOM that I put in the “Select Items” section of the production planning tool. Under “Material Requirement”, I put “All Warehouses”. I then try the “Download Materials Required” link and look at the generated file to inspect what it thinks I need to order. Not everything on the BOM is listed, which seems correct because I have some of the items fully in stock and some items partially in stock.

On further inspection though, I see some items listed where I have more than sufficient inventory to cover the build. So those shouldn’t be listed at all. Upon even deeper inspection, I find that some items listed on the BOM which have no inventory on hand are completely skipped over! When I generate material requests, it generates exactly according to what’s in the report that was generated. Again, several items for which no inventory exists are completely missed.

I honestly don’t understand what the tool is doing. It seems extremely simple for the program to look through the list of BOM items, look at inventory on hand or already ordered, and then produce a simple report that can be used to purchase only what is necessary. How anyone is using this tool to “plan production” is beyond me unless I’m missing something in how I have items set up.

I’m going to spend some time (not tonight) combing through the items that were caught and those that weren’t and try to figure out if I have a setting active in one set and not in the other. But my conclusion at this point is that the production planning tool can’t be used. It would be quicker for me to generate my own reports and figure out what I need to order from there.

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I have the same problem I spend 2 days to solve this issue but I couldn’t. Do you have any new

No. I wish someone that is actually using it (or someone that programmed it) could hop on here and say how you actually make it work.

I was facing the exact same issue. But creating a production plan worked out for me.

You can read the post here.