Material Request for balance items only

Have just started using ERPnext V12, and loving it so far.
But there is one thing I am not able to figure out.
While creating the material request for a BOM, the request is generated for the entire BOM, and not for the extra items that are required.

For example, I have a BOM for PRODUCT A. PRODUCT A comprises of Raw Materials X = 2 Nos, Y = 1No and Z = 3 Nos.
Now, I have in Stock X=3 Nos, Y=0 Nos and Z = 1 No. So when I create a material request, it should create only for Y=1 No and Z=2 Nos, and nothing for X since I have plenty of Stock for it.

A similar question was asked in these posts, but no solution was found I think.

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Also to clarify further, I am not looking to auto reorder the items. I do not think that will solve my issue.

You can use Production Plan > Material Request Planning for this.
If you do not select Ignore Existing Quantity the system will generate Material Request only for the Items and Quantity that are not in Stock

OK. That worked.
So to consider the existing stock, do I always have to make a production plan?

Yup at present the easiest way to do it is via Production Plan.
Other way to look for the stock availability based on BOM is BOM Stock Report

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Thanks Manan, that cleared a lot of things.
Just one last thing, how to link a production plan with a project.

For example, I have a project named ABC, that needs to be linked with production plan X and plan Y. Is there a way to do it? The reason I ask for this is in our industry, the project managers or project leaders are also manufacturing users. They can create projects and will need to link a production plan to them.

Two Options available are

You can link Sales Orders to a Project or vice a versa and then base your Production Plan on the Sales Order (for Production planned for Customer Orders)
Link Material Request to a Project or vice a versa and then base your Production Plan on the Material Request (for Production planned for Internal Orders)

OK. So I was able to link both of them.
Now I have created a work order, saved and submitted it. I had already placed a material request for the work order.
Now that I have received the material, I go back to the work order page, but it still shows the qty available at source warehouse to be 0. Why? I have received the material at the source warehouse and have also created the receipt. So why is the work order not updated automatically? This will make it easy to start the work order based on the qty available.

The same was observed in the production plan as well. Although I have received the material from the material request, the production plan does not update the available qty automatically.