Material Request & Stock Inventory Optimization

Hello everyone,

I am evaluating ERP Next for my company which specializes in engineer-to-order casework and woodwork for the commercial and architectural industry. While I have been able to customize the workflow enough to meet our specific needs, there is one item that I am struggling to optimize – Material Requests (Purchasing) that also check stock.
Material Requests will be used extensively, to both signify a job is approved and ready to purchase for, but also to track if all items necessary for production have been purchased. While we buy 95% of our raw materials to be used in a specific job, we have some stock raw material that we carry.

That being said, is there a way that material requests (of the purchasing type) can be automated to check for in-stock items, transfer those items from a “Stock” warehouse to a “Production Materials” warehouse (by instigating a stock transfer that the user can complete), and then deduct the in-stock items from the material requested to represent what is actually needed to be ordered?

For example, a MREQ is created for three of each items A, B and C; the MREQ finds two of item A in the “Stock” warehouse, transfers those two from the stock warehouse to the “Production Materials” warehouse, and then creates a Purchase MREQ for the new amounts, in this case one of A, three B, and three C. I realize this may be asking too much of the system, but any help in optimizing this process would be helpful.


You can use reorder levels and have option to choose request type as transfer/purchase/manufacture

Thanks for the quick response!
The purchase type will be the one we use every time due to our engineer-to-order nature, however, is there a way that that type can do a basic stock check to see if we need to in fact request material if we already have some or enough of it? Our production items will be a fairly complex system of BoMs, and therefore the material request will act as a safety net to insure that we have ordered the necessary material for all of the BoMs. I realize that we could manually check stock and then amend the mreqs, however, that will get tedious given the quantity and nature of our products.

I belive reorder levels can be used in combination with production planning tool. I ve not practically implmented them but may be someone in the community can guide

I will review the Production Planning Tool to see if it can satisfy this requirement. Thanks ushashmi! Anyone else have any ideas or creative workarounds other than manual comparison?

When you create a production order, it checks for how much is in stock and how much are reserved. based on that it can raise a MREQ for the difference quantity or for the MOQ which ever is higher. Pls try creating a production offer and start production process. Let us know how it worked out for you.

@Not_a_countant, I just tested this with a BoM and it did work in that it pulled from stock first, however, I did not then allow me to create a MREQ with the adjusted values (BOM quantity was 4, I had 2 in stock, MREQ on the Production Order still called for the full 4). Any idea of why it didn’t adjust the MREQ accordingly? Thank you for your help!

there might be a Minimum Order Quantity set for it. Check the item master? Maybe put in a screen shot. cheers