How to remove a linked bin?

I have a warehouse with one bin and that one bin has one item in it. That product was put there during the demo setup during install of ERPnext; I did not put it there.

Problem is, I cannot remove the item, the bin, or the warehouse. I have tried poking around through the system looking for a clue, but so far I have come up dry. I don’t need this item, or the warehouse, and I’d like to clean these out permanently.

Well, well, well! This is odd.

I renamed the product in question, and then I was able to remove it! Not only that, I could now remove the warehouse as well!

You can close this issue, sorry for the bother. I hope this is helpful to someone, yet it is a bit silly the way this worked out?

You can delete the item if there is a zero inventory of it. If it doesn’t have zero inventory, then the bin is created to store the inventory. Next time see if there is zero inventory. If there is, please post a new topic!