How to replace icon

How to replace modify ICONS


Please be specific about what you want

What icon ??

Which icon ???

ERPNext / Frappe Version ??

Frappe Version icons

A picture would be nice !! :no_mouth:

Want to change the icon

Which icon set do you want to use ??

both octicons and fontawsome are available by default in Frappe

Want to change both icon sets

Want to change the default icon sets

These icon file are hard coded into the core at lots of places… in this file …/apps/frappe/frappe/public/icons/timeless/symbol-defs.svg

You could probably add additional icons to the above file like how its done here

When that is done just do

bench build


bench clear-cache

You should able to select you icons.

However do note unless its in a separate app it will break when you update your ERPNext / Frappe

I also just find, thank you!