How to reset the admin password of erpnext

i have forgot login admin password for erpnext, how can reset the admin password.?

thanks in advance


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The following command should do it:

bench --site [sitename] set-admin-password [password]


when i run bench --site (sitename) set-admin-password.

Welcome @kinzang

Did you tried run the command in


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yes i m in frappe-bench directory.@krnkris

Can you share the full traceback?

i have solved this issue @kennethsequeira,
thanks for help.

@kinzang great!

If you can mention the steps here it would be useful to other community members as well.

You can also mark a comment as “solution” if that solved the problem for you.

i have problem with erpnext apps
so i do …Goto erp bench folder and execute ./env/bin/pip install apps/erpnext.

i got solution from Mr. CoddingCoffe. thanks to Mr CoddingCoffee.