How to send SMS automatically on Different Trigger Points?

I have already Configure SMS Setting.

explain your work flow…

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I want send SMS automatically like Email Alerts.

SMS 1 Send SMS when Lead enter into the CRM.
SMS 2. When User change the Contact Date on Opportunity.
SMS 3. When Quotation will Submitted.
SMS 4. Send SMS to Customer When Customer on-board.

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I’m also trying to do something similar like this. Any suggestions will be appreciated

You can create hook for that.

What will creating new hook do ? Can you explain please.

Also I want to do so by using webhook but m having issue configuring it like where to set parameters such as route, authentication key,etc

Ok, I have created a function in (adding api, auth key,etc) and called it on as frappe.integrations.doctype.webhook.webhook.message_sending

but message is not being sent

Also one more concern, how to put dependency in that like this only get executed when,ie, message only being sent when new lead is added

Webhook is a different concept. You have to Define one function and call it in file.
You will call based on certain conditions like validate, save, update, submit. You have to call it based on your requirement.

Read this link from below heading.
Document hooks

Looking at healthcare settings in the healthcare module should give some help in writing your own automated SMS. SMS are sent upon patient registration, appointment creation etc

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Web Hooks is the best Option to do so:

You can write a webhook like this one:

doc_events = {
	"Lead": {
		"on_submit": ",

And in the API function you can call the send_sms function with required arguments for recipient number and message.

Did you try this ?



Is Bulk SMS Manual List possible in sms center or some other way ?

No ideas about that.

“Is Bulk SMS Manual List possible in sms center or some other way”

It seems not just an existing list - see the attached screenshot a Send To select dropdown lists say 6 choices All Contact, All Customer, All Lead, etc

Here’s the SMS Settings page for reference

Any alternate approach ?

Your search of the forum and look at the help docs will give you clues and point the way here.

Example docs that may interest you:

continue discussion here Manual Custom List SMS