How to send system notification to specific user

I want to send system notification to specific user but I found only “receiver by role” to send notification. “receiver by document field” is not working.

I found it by my self :upside_down_face:, you just have to change “Select” data type to “Data” in “Notification Recipient” doctype and put the field name in “Notification” doctype under “Recipients” child table.


Thank you, you saved my life

How did you do it? When I try and make a change to the doctype Notification Recipient it tells me

DocTypes cannot be modified, please use Customize Form instead.

What am I not doing right? Please guide.

Guess this is a thread of doing it oneself. I found a thread about it. Will see if that helps.

Unable to edit Permissions Grid on native doctypes (as admin) - ERPNext / Asset Management - Frappe Forum

@roba can you elaborate more please !!!

at which step are you ? or which part challenges you?

the part where i choose assignees , notification do not reach any one but owner

on which doctype?

i tried Sales Order and Leave Application

so for example on “Sales Order” doctype there should be a field which holds the recipient email which you want to send the system notification to then use that field name on Notification doctype reciever by document field as it was show in the image i attached.

Btw, I think this is solved in v14.