How to show Description in Link fields instead of Id?


I still make my new app, and I have a small problem… I have a Link field, suppose to show and search in Description but show me ID… How Can I change these?

In just set “In List” in the Description field, but even that set, doesn’t show…



Hi Fellipeh,

In frappe id(name) is a primary key, so linking is possible only with Id.

You can make search based on any field. To achieve this with two ways,
Add columns in Search Fields on doctype

You have to write get_query on link field.

Consider following links,

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Thanks for your reply!

I think it was not clear in my topic… :blush:

I know Id is a primary key, and the “link” is made with them… but my question is these:

Here is the screenshot of my app:

If I start do type: Fellipe… works ok, frappe find the record… but when I leave the field, show me CNT00001 instead of the name Fellipe Henrique

I want to show on field the name Fellipe Henrique not the ID.

There’s way to do these?

You have to make another field for Description and on selection of Id, set the description.

Check Not Found

The link is not live. Can you please post an updated one since I am also looking for a solution for the same issue

Hi @fellipeh did you find any solution for this???

Please check the following thread:

@shamsheer have a look at

you can install using: bench get-app

u need to comment out:


in /title_links/title_links/public/js/title_links.js

or u’ll get error on version 7, work in progress for that …


Anyone solve these issue? trying to use here I doesn’t show on the latest version…

Here is my DocType:


And here is the result:


It’s supposed to show descricao instead of id

Do I miss something?

I wanted to display user’s full name instead of their email in custom query report without breaking the link. Is this framework able to do that? This is such a basic and common requirement and I am surprised to see that there in not even a workaround :flushed::flushed::flushed::hushed: