How to display custom field name instead of title field in a LINK field type?

Hi guys,

Need help with the following issue:

There are 2 DocTypes (fields mentioned in brackets):

  1. Member (fullname, phone, email, city, pincode)
  2. Location (city, pincode)

Apart from the above fields, Frappe creates the default “name” field which is the primary key (uid) in each of those 2 DocTypes.

The “city” and “pincode” fields in the DocType “Member” are of the type “Link” to the DocType “Location”

By default, Frappe links the primary key “name” field in the drop-down. I want to change the name field to the respective “city” and “pincode” fields in the drop-down.

I have already tried the “search field” and “title field” methods but those don’t seem to work.

Any help in the right direction will be appreciated.

This topic has been discussed many times on this forum in the past 6-7 years but still I could not find a working solution.

Below are some other threads addressing this issue:

Hi @shashank_shirke,
did you find a solution to your question?

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Hello, it works with custom doctype but I can’t make it working with the doctype customer, (selecting
“Show Title in Link Fields” in the custom form) . How can I make it for a native doctype ?