Title field in Links

Hi all,

i can’t find a way to show Title field in links; looking around seems that the only field shown is the Auto Name.

Is there any chance to customize or to add a feature so that would be possible to choose the field show in links?

Thanks in advance

You have to add your field in Search Field through Customize Form.
Refer following link -

Thanks, Priya

@priya_s i’ve done that, but when selected it shows the Auto Field …and i’d like to have it showing the Title Field instead …because it’s normally a description and it make more readable than the Auto Field that’s normally a number_series or a code.

One solution would be to add a checkbox in DocType like “Show Title Field In Links” …if checked, will show Title Field on the selected value instead of Auto Field.

@JoEz, actually i didn’t get your point. Can you please share screen-shot or explain, what exactly you want to do.

Thanks, Priya

@priya_s here it comes.

I’ve created a new DocType (Item Category) with an Auto Name as number_series and other two fields: item_category_name, item_category_code, with Title Field set as item_category_name.

Added a new entry for test:

I’ve added a custom Link Field in Item DocType, so that user can select Item Category:

Now, once user select the option will show the number_series field:

I’d like to show the Title Field instead, in this case “Drogheria alimentare”.


@JoEz,I think this is not possible, because Item Category is link field and for link field you can not set any other field’s value. Link field always shows actual ID of that form. i.e.CAT-00001

Thanks, Priya

@priya_s thanks, seem i need to try to “hack” the code.

The Idea is to check if Title Field is set, and if so display it, kind of:

So that [Auto Name] field will saved in Item Table.

Can u tell me where i can find the code used for Links? I can’t find it :frowning:


It will not show me for redundant value.

For Ex.
Project Table
projectName → Test
Block → A
Floor → 1
Unit → 1

This is my table and I have added block, floor, unit into search field.
so the actual output is (A 1 1) but it show me (A 1).
I think that it will ignore the redundant value.
if you know anything about this then please let me know.
Thanks in advance.