How to support on translations [2019-09-11]

Dear colleagues,

lately, there have been some translation issues moving into the recent version-12 branch. Since the translation portal seems to be no longer operational, what is the way to contribute language improvements? E.g. this is wrong and very akward (which was good in v11):


(No = Nein / other context Kein; but in this case Kein is just wrong).

As long as there is no context-dependent translation (see Translations should be context-specific!), the most applicable translation should be used…

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So, did some digging here and found the contribution help page:

This is nice to add new text blocks. Also found the portal to be working again on

However, how to resolve an issue in an existing translation? In this case “No” → [de] “Nein” The translation does not come up in the translation database, therefore it cannot be edited, …