Translations should be context-specific!

If you think translations should be context-specific, give this proposal a thumbs up! :+1:


Hey all, is anybody willing to contribute some amount to the development of this feature?

My estimate would be about USD 5,000.00 to get a nice solution to this problem. If we can collect some money, the proposal above will become a paid feature request towards Frappe. If needed, I can pool the money from different contributors and update the issue with the current amount.

Things that need to be financed:

  • Think about a good architecture, building on what I have described in the issue above

  • Extend the translation tool to allow one translation per context

    • Big potential for improvements of the translation tool. Any excess money could be spent on this.
  • Add some context to all translations in the code (could be partly automated)

  • Test and review changes

  • Write documentation

@Martin_Seibert, @wojosc, @dominik, @itsdave, @lasalesi are you willing to contribute some amount to a nice German translation?


Aren’t there German words that more versatile words that can take different meanings based on the contexts here?

I submit to your powers.
I submit this document.

We’ll keep on using the English interface for now. So this is not a priority for //SEIBERT/MEDIA. I understand, that a high end German interface will help adoption in Germany and local markets. I would offer that we contribute 500 USD if at least three others are found that contribute as much. Maybe @rmehta can make the ERPNext foundation pitch in with another 500 USD. This is for all local markets and should be a good cause to help the software spread …

cc @Mario_Truss @Kai_Rodiger


Thanks, Martin!

I will contribute USD 500,00 as well.

If course, there are German words with multiple meanings, but not the same as in English :wink:

For your example, I don’t know a German word that would fit both contexts.

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Thanks Martin for moving first here, libracore will also be contributing USD 500 this and support on the translation files for German.

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Great, thank you, Lars!

I`m in with 500USD, too.

Has someone experience with declaring such support as bussiness-expense in Germany?

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Thanks for your support, David!

Frappe will write a normal invoice for this.