How to take half of material for Manufacturing

HI every one
i’m sorry if ,my question is basic but i couldn’t find a work around for my case
for example if i want to make a chair i need about 20m of wood
but when i buy wood from supplier i buy a full sheet which is 244m for 40$
and i sell 20m of wood for 3$
how to add BOM in chair item just 20m of wood
i can create i new item called 20m wood but i want it to be linked with 244m of wood when supplier for example increase the price and it become 50$ automatic the 20m of wood become 4$ and the chair increased it’s price two

P.S. the prices is just for example
i hope you under stand what i mean

I would just buy the wood by the meter so 40$ / 244 m. Your unit of measure (UOM) for the wood is meter. Now in the BOM you set that per chair you need 20 m. When you produce 100 chairs it will tell you that you need 100 x 20m of wood = 200m. Your chair is then being sold for a higher price.

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okay i think i understand what you mean but when i buy i’ll not count if i buy 8 sheets so 8 *244 = 1925
no it’s per sheet and i sold it in cm
one thing else the chair price i have to add it manually in price list can i make erpnext count the material price plus revenue amount to get item price so if one of material increased the item price increase with it

What you are talking about is called Unit of Measure (UOM) Conversion. Check out a few posts here on the discussion with the search term “UOM conversion” to get the idea. For example Conversion Factor / UOM