Howto update website URL and port in email web links

Hello, I am using the pre-built ERPNext virtual image and am trying to do some demos showing typical behaviors, but emails sent by ERPNext contain incorrect links (back to ERPNext) for my configuration. Is is possible to configure the server domain and TCP port used to generate the links? Is it best to configure the vm system hostname to be the same as the domain it will be accessed by, and then “everything will just work”?

I am hosting the virtual image using VirtualBox. I’m using NAT networking because I only have one IP address from my ISP. To avoid a conflict between ERPNext and my existing webserver, I changed the port ERPNext uses and mapped client port 8080 to host port 8080 using VirtualBox networking. I did not change the ERPNext vm system hostname (leaving it at “erpnext”).

  1. The “Complete Registration” button/link in new user emails gives the correct domain (e.g. “…”) but the port is not included (should be…"). (also I cannot find where I configured this, either I forgot or it’s magic, can someone clarify which?

  2. The “View this in your browser” link in emails sent by ERPNext use the vm hostname “http://erpnext.vm/User/…” (instead of “…”).

  3. The “Leave this conversation” link in emails sent by ERPNext also use the vm hostname “http://erpnext.vm/api/method/…” (instead of “…”).


Hi, excuse me, do you find how to change the “View in your browser” link? Thanks

I am getting the link with ports but I don’t need port. How can this be resolved?

Check this Incorrect domain name in email - #2 by Khadija