HSN Code not visible in Purchase order tax breakup

HSN Code is not visible in Purchase Order tax breakup. All items have HSN code set and tax rates are defined for each item. There is a single entry in tax breakup with HSN Code displayed as None. What could be wrong?

version of your ERPNext account? can you share screenshots?




Any updates on this?

Found the issue:

In the regional overrides:
frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/regional/india/utils/get_itemised_tax_breakup_data, the gst_hsn_code field is being retrieved from Purchase Order Item. But for some reason this is null even in database.
Should it be retrieved from Item rather than the Purchase Order Item or the “null gst_hsn_code in purchase order item” is to be fixed.
The issue exists in Purchase Invoice, Sales Order, Sales Invoice,…

any one got any solution for the same than pls suggest

pls suggest me its solution

kindly update on same

for Sales Invoice, erpnext/regional/india/utils get_itemised_tax_breakup_data use gst_hsn_code from the Sales Invoice Item. as seen below the items do not have gst_hsn_code set.

Anyone facing this issue of gst_hsn_code not set in Sales Invoice Items ?