Https:// website broken

To: admin

Subject website is broken please your support to fix it.


Works for me: ?!

did you try to post new job or open existing one, here error I got


It’s been down since June 2021. So far, 3 months!

Frappe Foundation’s site, merely a show-off platform. Just to prove, back in history, a foundation kind of thing existed! Back then, they were at least try to become transparent and kept publishing a general ledger.

Fast forward, everything shifted from ERPNext Foundation to Frappe Company, no matter either they’re resources, sponsorships, member listings, code, or anything, just name it, anything. Back in X years, they were used to belong foundation!

They just put this single feature of publishing ERPNext jobs, a kind of illusion to the community that foundation still exists or what will we do with dot org, at least this will act as backlinks.

In harsh reality, priorities got shifted. This horse (Foundation) acted as a money minting machine, but now that horse is pretty aged, & now the bull (company) is the king. Why I’m saying bull, as in this bull run, we (as a community) have loosed so many contributors (not labeling them as leaders although they are), just in this criticism game.

Hey @nmami, why they’ll be interested to fix this? As this platform doesn’t earn something for them, why they’ll put one out of 30+ resources to fix this build, renovate or enable the community to self-promote. Many members have raised this issue earlier, why they’ll act, you know it?

PS: I know, they will surely bash this criticism. They only say “we welcome criticism” while in reality, they do not! Before replying, they should act, and fix this glitch at priority, present their clear vision on the foundation & publish overdue GL!

It should be down in this case better than up and broken

Still broken…

I have created in telegram groupe ERPNext opportunities you can join and submit job and seek for jobs

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