I can not access local host in other computer

I am using virtualbox when i access Ip adress:8080 on the same computer that VB installed it works great. but when i access the same IP address in another computer it doesn’t open.
Kindly help me.
thanks in Advance

You would go to the IP address of that computer. So, if the PC is then you would go to
If you are using VirtualBox, it is easiest to set it to “bridge” mode instead of NAT mode

  • of course check your firewall settings

Hello Sir, Thanks for your kind reply.

You can see in screen shot that in the same pc that VM is installed i can access local host through ip:8080 but i can not access it in other pc.
i checked my firewall as well VM app is allowed.

If you guide to set bridge step by step your help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Thanks Dear for your reply Can you guide me step by step how to do that?

The other PC’s that you want to access the system…I assume they are in the same subnet? From your pics, they are on 192.168.10.x/24?
In the firewall, you need to open TCP traffic from source: to destination:
In the VirtualBox, set the networking to “bridged” mode on the NIC which is connected to

Thanks trentmu I coudn’t understand. Please if you write it in detailed form. Thanks. I am new to all these
How to open TCP traffic source 192.168.0/24 to destination 192.168.0/24?

Then you need Basic understanding of networking.

Hope someone around you will be able to help you with detailed understanding of networking.

Secondly you dont have to Hide LAN IP address in the screenshot, as with the accurate ip the user can help and explain you in detail.

Ok Sir I have reuploaded

the screen shot is from the pc that i have installed VM. it works fine on this pc.
but when i try to access the same lp:8080 from another pc it doesn’t open.
It’s been 3days i am trying to figure out the problem. it would be great if you get me out of this problem.
thanks in advance ;(

also share VM network setting
Is it bridged or NAT.

If NAT then it will work with the same Host PC IP address.
If Bridged then you have to find the ip address given to the VM Guest pc.

From your diagram…the “host” machine is and it has a subnet of (which is equivalent to

In your firewall, you need to allow traffic from source= and destination (you could also have destination= The alternative is to allow access traffic from anywhere with port 8080


Try to disable the firewall in your windows 10. that should work for testing.

If that way it works then add ports to firewall exemption

Sir i desabled firewall but still not working

I dont think you need port forwarding in VM as NAT will allow it to work without port forwarding.

Remove Port forwarding and try Host-PC-IP:HostPORT from host computer as well as the other pc in the same network.

ok Sir

after removing port forward i m getting this.

did you restart the VM Guest PC after removing the Port forwarding setting?

yes ihave restarted

Then it looks like there is some issue either with VM host Installation.
Or maybe your host PC.

Normally the OVA your using works directly without port forwarding needed.
And works fine on the Lan network when the firewall is disabled or access to those ports are granted.