I have an issue regarding notification. notification but it does not appear on the bell icon

i have two instance hrms and hrms-demo in hrms-demo notification bell icon show notification but in the hrms instance does not show any notification on bell icon .
i have also compare settings and notification which i have create but not getting any notification on bell icon .
please help

Tested it’s worked properly.

Hey @NCP , but the bell icon is not showing red dot / or any activation symbol.

How will the user know that they have received a notification?

Please help.

When a green dot appears, understand that a new notification has arrived.

Check out the reference post if you want to do customizations.

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Thanks @NCP ! I’ll refer this code and modify this notifications.js file according to my needs.
I’ll share the file here once it is working properly.

Also, do you know how to enable notiifcation sounds in ERPNext? I get no sounds for notifications. Which file to edit to get that?

Thanks for the help so far, and please point me in the right direction to the appropriate file for sounds too…

Increase your system volume and submit any documentation, check it.