I have created a Marketing app

Idea for this module is based on @Martin_Seibert post .

This is a simple module for tracking the marketing side of the business. We saw the need for someplace to plan, track and evaluate Marketing Content. Initially we thought to do it in ClickUp, as we use it already. But ERPNext seemed to have more potential for something like this. As we could use data for statistics, accounting and generaly integrating with other stuf in our business. We could always later sync it with planning software like ClickUp for more control. So here it is. If it is something that is useful to you feel free to use and contribute.

Features(with screenshots):

There are three visible doctypes.

  1. Platform. It was intended to be a base of Marketing Positions. Where you could see all positions made on a certain platform.


  1. Marketing position is a position where you would post publish your marketing material. For example Facebook post. It has a status to let you know if it is free, occupied or reserved.

Marketing Position

  1. Marketing Material is the main doctype here. It holds all the info about the material from idea to evaluation of promotion success. For now, I have created some basic fields but it could have many more that would help in the evaluation of material and position success.

Marketing Material

I am new to frappe development, so if anyone could help with the below issues I would be very thankful.

Issues and features to add:

  • [issue] Can’t figure out how to fetch position data into Marketing Material Item DocType
  • [feature] Change status of Marketing Position to reserved if it is added to child table of Marketing Material and date is in the future. Change to occupied if the current date is in between the start and end date. And change to free if Marketing Material is over.
  • [feature] Maybee add Campaign field so that we can better track it.
  • [feature] Create workspace folder