I have no "new" button in Production Order, and cannot create a Production Order from any attempt

I have product set up, supplier, Bill of Materials… No Button at all to choose Production Order… I just spent way too many hours on this so I feel like I checked every possibility. Deleted and recreated products and suppliers… No Button at all.

Please confirm that permissions has not been tweaked

Yes, that is perpelexing @Sol.

To create a Production Order you use the Production Planning Tool instead.

That Tool may not be visible to you due to a permissions setting?


How do you create a new Production Order? - #3 by clarkej

Edit: I forgot to welcome you to ERPNext Sol :wink:

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Thank you Clarkej,
I actually ended up setting up a whole new instance before this answer made it clear… It is in the Domain Settings which it seems will soon be wisely added to the Setup.[The solution to no “new” button in Production Order is to search Domain in the awesome bar and enabling manufacturing domain… ] https://discuss.frappe.io/t/schools-module-disappeared-in-erpnext-v8/28090/3

"The solution to no “new” button in Production Order is to search Domain in the awesome bar and enabling manufacturing domain… ] "

I appreciate that learning thank you - I never found nor questioned why no New button, and had convinced myself none existed!?

I am learning BOMs etc and just stumbled on this ‘streamlined’ customization that hiousi devised Manufacturing process

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It seems that his process is specifically when the BOM’s change for each “run”? We are implementing this in Bali for production of coconut kefir and other probiotic potions, so mostly once we have a BOM for a product we just make batches of the same product.
Am I correct in my understanding that the reason he was needing to customize the script was because he is working with BOM’s that are unique to each “production run” or even individual product?

To quote hiousi from his post #30 it skips the step to create a PRO:

it works like Production planning tool, but do not use Production orders.

Choose some Sales Orders.
get items with BOMs from those Sales Orders
click on “manufacture items”
Stock entries are created to move RAW material to finished product.

Ahhh… for our purposes since we do ‘make to stock’ rather than ‘make to order’ (in nearly all cases) I wonder if there is any advantage to that workflow?

Ty clarkej