IFRS compliance on ERPnext

hi everyone,

I have some question regarding IFRS compliance on ERPnext and other question about equity. so here’s the question:

  1. Is ERPnext already IFRS compliance?
  2. How do you make change of equity statement on erpnext? cause it is only have 3 statement (Balance sheet, Loss and profit and cash flow).
  3. How’d you separate equity and account payable (and other account that has different parties) for different parties (ex. account payable report for each parties?

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  1. IFRS compliance, could you elaborate on the requirements? Or why do you think is ERPNext not IFRS compliant?
  2. Equity is shown in the balance sheet statement. These are account heads under which you can post transactions.
  3. Again balance sheet would give you summary under various account heads, if you click on them you can see the details.
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