New category called Compliance

Dear all,

Could we have a category called Compliance to deal with the regular dose of dump governments unload on small business so we can effectively deal with it?

It is easy to lose credibility / edge if we have new rules and a competitor certifies themselves as “compliant” and ERPnext does not, even to laws that are not really applicable.

And then we end up discussing to the cows come home as we make literal interpretation and in the narrowest possible way.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (aka FUD) is the single most effective way of stunning the growth or even killing a software.

Also we can get experts to comment on it.

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Good idea I vote for that too

Possibly prakash or umair could add that?

These are in the last couple of years

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Major compliance requirement for France due to the POS module

PCIDSS compliance?!

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Any news on this?

It is really a must comply… don’t you think?

I got an email from Typeform asking me to “reagree” to the T&C as a consequence of GDPR.
They also a “plain english version” of it. Worth studying? BTW: since I am signing it, i guess, I own a copy of it. :slight_smile:

While it is beyond me to comprehend GDPR law, I would study every T&C update we are getting and also the “english version”. If Typeform can use it, we at ERPNext and consequently the community could as well.

    **For Review**

   _Typeform | Terms of Use
   _Note: You're reading the plain English version, which is not legally binding. Scroll up and click "the legal, jargon-filled version" to read wording we apply legally. 

   _We don’t imagine you’re snuggled up with some hot chocolate as you’re reading this in bed. But this stuff is important. So we’ll try to banish the jargon and make it as quick as possible so you can get back to Twilight. 

   _**Who are you?** 

   _We’re Typeform. Or Typeform S.L., for legal purposes. We’re a Spanish company, and our address is Carrer Bac de Roda, 163, 08018 Barcelona. Our C.I.F. (tax identification code) is B65831836, and we’re registered with the Trade Register of Barcelona. 

   _**And what can I do with you?** 

   _Create conversational online forms (we call them “typeforms”) and collect data from respondents. 

   _**How can I create one of those typeform-thingies?** 

   _By signing up through our website: 

   _**What’s the catch?** 

   _It’s free, if that’s what you’re thinking. However, there are some terms and conditions (you’re reading them right now). When you sign up, you’re agreeing to our T&Cs. We might change them—if we do we’ll let you know and you can decide whether to keep using Typeform or not. 

   _**OK, shoot. What are the main terms and conditions?** 

   _You need to be at least 18 years old. You should have capacity to understand and agree to these T&Cs. 

   _**How does my account work?** 

   _We’ll need your name, email address, and a password so you can get into your account. Think of this as an “electronic signature”. You’re basically agreeing to our terms, plus our privacy policy. 

   _You’re responsible for those details so keep ‘em safe. If someone else uses them to get access to your account, let us know and we’ll try to help. 

   _Like The Force, your Typeform account can be used for good or evil. Please don’t do an Anakin—use it for good. 

   _**Noted. Anything else?** 

   _Yep. Please give us true information about yourself when you sign up. Keep it updated. Our PRO and PRO+ accounts cost money, so please keep that payment info accurate and up to date as well. Please don’t impersonate someone else to get access to their account. Save that for Halloween. If we think you’re lying—fibs or whoppers—we might suspend or delete your account. We might not let you back in either :-( 

   _Hold on—what if someone’s saying they’re me and I’m saying I’m me? 

   _If it’s a PRO account, we’ll give the account to whoever made the most recent payment, unless someone can prove otherwise. 

   _If it’s a basic account, we’ll give it to whoever signed up for it originally. 

   _**What about my data?** 

   _We’ll store your Registration Data as set out in our privacy policy. 

   _We’ll use data about what you do in the service to make the service even better. In the case of a basic account, we’ll also share that data with other users of the service. 

   _**What happens when I send typeforms out?** 

   _You’ll get responses! You’re responsible for making sure that respondents know how we use their data, and for getting consent for the terms of use and privacy policy. 

   _**Can accounts get deleted?** 

   _Yup. You can delete your account. You might be able to access certain parts of the service, but not all of them. We can also delete your account, set limits, or restrict access to the service at any time without giving you a heads up. If your account is deleted, we won’t keep charging you for it. 

   _Let’s talk cash 

   _We have the right to ask for fees for our services. You’ll need to pay those fees (plus anything owed), as set out in the specific conditions for the service you choose. 

   _We might change our pricing at some point. The change could affect you, in which case we’ll tell you. If you pay for a monthly subscription service, you’ll be given at least 6 months with the old pricing. If you pay for a yearly subscription, it will be 1 year at the old pricing from the point the new pricing comes into effect. 

   _If you continue to use the service after those changes come into effect, you agree to the new charges. Any fees then paid are not refundable unless affected by something in these terms and conditions, specific conditions, or if required by law. 

   _**And what if I don’t cough up?** 

   _Oh dear. Then we might limit, suspend, or end your service. You might then lose your data. 

   _**What can I not do?** 

   _My, you are a feisty one. Here’s what you can’t do: 

   _Use any element of our service—including our name, trademark, logo, layout and design— without written consent. 

   _Access the service in a way not authorized by Typeform (e.g. hacking, or by burrowing under our building like a mole). 

   _Access or tamper with non-public areas of the service, our computer systems, or any tech systems belonging to our providers. 

   _Avoid, deactivate, or damage any tech measure we put in place to protect the service. That goes for measures put in place by our providers and any other third party, too. 

   _Forge headers or manipulate identifiers to disguise the origin of any content we transmit. That’s naughty. 

   _Try to access, search, scrape, download content from, use, upload content to, create new links for, repost, or refer to the service by using something other than the software and/or search agents provided by Typeform. Generally available third party web browsers and search engines? They’re OK. 

   _Send spam, ads, email, junk, chain letters, or any other annoying things like that. 

   _Use metadata or hidden text using the service or Typeform’s trademark, logo, or URL without our written say-so. Mess around with other users’ access, a host, or network. This includes sending a virus, overloading, flooding, spamming, or mail-bombing the service. Not nice. 

   _Reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell, or exploit for any commercial reason any part of the service (including your own Typeform account) or your access to or use of the service. 

   _Collect or store any info from other members of the service without their permission. 

   _Stalk or harass anyone else. Impersonate or misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity. 

   _Break any laws. 

   _Let anyone else use your Typeform account. 

   _Egg on anyone else to break any of these rules. 

   _Reverse engineer any of our protection measures. It might be clever, but you just can’t do it. 

   _**What about sharing through social media?** 

   _You can access and post content to social media and third parties from our service. If you do, we may have access to info you make available via social media, or info social media makes available to us. We may also be able to post media on your behalf. 

   _If you want to manage these permissions, check out the privacy settings on your social media account. We’re not in partnership with any social media platform, so we’re not responsible for anything they do. 

   _If you share Typeform content on social media through our service, please comply to their terms of use and guidelines. You’ll be responsible for the content shared. 

   _**What’s your privacy policy?** 

   _When you give us your information we’ll ask you to read and accept the privacy policy. 

   _**Who owns all the stuff on your website?** 

   _We do. It’s all protected by Spanish and/or international regulations around intellectual property. That goes for our software, brands, labels, symbols, texts, graphs, drawings, videos, audio, sculptures, handwritten love letters, and toilet stall doodles as well. Please don’t change, copy, reproduce or translate them unless we said you could. 

   _Seriously, don’t. It’s prohibited to use contents of our service without our authorization. See how serious we are? We’re even using words like prohibited and authorization. We may even seek punishment via the relevant law :-O 

   _**Fair enough. But what about other people’s content?** 

   _You’ll find that, on our site, we show content provided by others that isn’t owned by Typeform. That content is theirs. If you want to use it, you’ll need to ask them if it’s OK. 

   _**And my content?** 

   _You’re responsible for your content. We’re not responsible for anything you do with it, including sharing it publicly. 

   _We need to obey the law (obviously) and act on suspicions of phishing or fraud when we find out about them. We might review content created using our services to see it it’s illegal, or if it breaks any of these T&Cs. We can change, block access to, delete, or refuse to display any content if it does. On the other hand, we’re under no obligation to monitor or review any content you submit to us. 

   _**I saw a typeform on a third party website. What’s that about?** 

   _We do that sometimes. We also publish links to our services on third party sites. We aren’t liable for the content of those sites or platforms. Those pieces of content or links don’t imply that we support, promote, or recommend the linked sites or platforms. 

   _If a third party wants to link its website to ours, they need our permission first. 

   _**Tell me about warranties.** 

   _We can’t guarantee that our service will work perfectly all the time. For free users, we’re not liable for any issues that affect you. For paying users, we’re liable to a max amount of 12 months’ worth of fees. Of course, this doesn’t apply if there’s any willful intent, gross negligence, or lack of due diligence from our side.

   _**If you’re a consumer (not a Typeform user), these disclaimers don’t apply.** 

   _You agree to use the service at your own risk. We’ll restrict or end your access to Typeform if you break the law or infringe anyone else’s rights. We’re not responsible for the deletion, mis-delivery, or failure to store/transfer content or personalization settings. 

   _Some things we can’t control—like the performance of the internet, other systems, and Bieber's next album. We can’t guarantee the service will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will always be corrected, and that the service, its content, and its servers won’t be free from viruses. Sometimes descriptions of our service written by people outside the company might not be accurate—that’s outside our control as well. 

   _You agree that we’re not liable for damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data, or any other intangible losses resulting from your use of the service and its content. If we’ve messed up with wilful intent, gross negligence, or lack of due diligence—that’s on us. 

   _**What if I spot any funny business?** Please report it to our abuse report typeform. We have the right to remove content from the service, but we’re under no obligation to do so. 

   _If anyone’s causing any mischief or mayhem, we might limit, suspend, or delete Typeform accounts and take legal steps if needed. 

   _**Anything about indemnity in dem terms and conditions?** 

   _You agree to financially protect Typeform from any claim or demand (including attorneys’ fees) from any third party in the event you: 
   _- Used the service or content 
   _- Violated this terms of service 
   _- Broke the law or suppressed the rights of someone else 

   _**Whose laws?** 

   _Spain’s laws. All legal sparring to do with Typeform will go down in the Courts of Barcelona, Spain. They call the shots.

Found this humane way of handling and obtaining GDPR consent.

Btw: the foundation should re-ask for consent.