Imap Spam/Sent Mail synchronizstion

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure. Hoping someone from Frappe can answer in more detail …

From what we have seen it does not we are trying work through a list of issues with email and the email inbox this is one of the most difficult parts of ERPNext as many users use third party clients like outlook and the lack of effective synchronization makes for a lot of extra work… its just not a full imap stack…

I see, thanks for the response.

Is there a timeline on the whole email stuff?

In our case it’s a major obstacle for integration, since before switching to erpnext we’d need to test it, i.e. run in parallel for some time for multiple scenarios. And emails are at the hearth of those scenarios.

To be honest we have been struggling with this from the beginning there seems to be very little interest in the community except for one or two people to make this a better aspect of ERPNext and I am confused as to why. Email is one of the most prevalent tools in communication these days and certainly a very important part of erp adoption. With modules like support, and billing communication not to mention leads having this be so flaky really hampers its potential. I have gotten a bit of direction and help from @Julian_Robbins and @clarkej but very little from ERPNext core team. To me the logic of email inbox and email functionality is just not congruent with how people communicate. Add to that the fact that its not a full email client with folder sync just exacerbates the problem. Even if someone wanted to live in the ERPNext environment full time (from my experience with erp I don’t know who would) they could not from an email perspective at this point. We will continue to look at this but with out commitment from core to acknowledge the problems with email implementation progress will be slow…


Its been almost a month since this post I am truly confused as to why ERPNext does not see this as a relevant issue to respond. Email is the core of modern day communication for business and the implementation in ERPNext is awkward to say the least and broken in several areas do we have someone managing and guiding the implementation of this feature? For @Julian_Robbins to ask for core to respond and no one does suggest a disconnect on what is not working this is not a feature to ignore if you want to grow…

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Unfortunately, I have to agree with you.
I have the same experience. I’ve posted some issues and questions related to the email and communication part of ERPNext on the forum and also posted some issues to GitHub.

Unfortunatly it seems that there is no interest in the CRM/communication part from the core developers, as you already discovered. Something I find hard to understand as the CRM module is one of the key parts of an ERP system.

I can’t tell you what to do, as long as there is no interest from the community or core development team to address some issues, we’re in the dark I’m afraid. :confused:

@Julian_Robbins is trying to initiate some initiatives in the CRM development group but I don’t think there are any developers involved in that group at the moment. So I don’t expect any progress from that side in the short term.

I’m a developer, but I’m short on time.
I’ll try to find some time to address smaller issues. It seams that fixing emails is a broad and deep project that requires some good planing.

This issue maybe troubling many others as well. I really liked this discussion and looking forward to get some advice on that.

I think we should put all email-related issues into one big post. The reason for that is that it would provide a better understanding of the scale of the issue.

That might be a good idea. I think a lot of the issues have already been mentioned in this topic:

Should we procede in that topic or should we start a new one?

@James_Robertson has some good insight here and should be included

I think you are right. We know it needs improving but a clear plan and direction of how it should evolve is what is required.

The CRM /email group that I’m part of wishes to address this and does have the ear of frappe too.

So how can we get things started?

@Julian_Robbins in the comments of one of the Github issues I posted you asked me to join a meeting of the CRM group, unfortunately, I was unable to attend that meeting. What was the outcome of that meeting?

we are ready also lets get together a project plan…

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What do you thin of a first step as gathering all related issues/discussions and grouping them accordingly (installation, UX, features, smth along these lines, or just use discussion/github issue categories to not invent bycicle) ?

I think GitHub is an excellent place to start; we can capture some of the low hanging fruit; add to that bringing mail into compliance with imap standards instead of the lite version it is now would go a long way to eliminating some of the bottlenecks…

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In the CRM group we have already made a list of a number of email and CRM bugs however there are more that we may have missed. We use Github to mark issues. I have rights to label issues too so can label these as ‘email’ if that helps.

We have not got further with respect to UX features if looking at rewriting email.

I’m happy to work together with anyone to improve these features

In my company we are now actively using email working with opportunities and quotes so I have a good handle on what works and what doesn’t. In the email dialog just getting the full screen butt to work as it should would be a start …

what’s the link to the group there are few out there?

It’s a Telegram group.

Let me have your Telegram I’d and I can add you

already on but don’t see the list