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First thanks from ERPNEXT team , so always add new feature and make it erpnext better . i test Email inbox for 2 day and i have bellow issue , Any one use email in box and have solution for that ?

My login email to erpnext different with email set for email inbox .

1 ) when i forward or reply email , didn’t show in sent folder of Email inbox .
2 ) there isn’t any thing that show sender of email is in contact or lead or address , … for every email show option to add in lead or add in contact , even that email already is in contact .
3 ) i set same email in outlook too ( POP/SMTP ) but after that most of email i didn’t receive any more in outlook .

4 ) there isn’t any option when we received email for request prices , directly quote and reply him .

5 ) there isn’t any option to check if email from current customer/lead / supplier link to his account and check his status .

6 ) some email , ( html) not show well like bellow attachment ,but in outlook show it .



I’ve been tracking these sort of issues. You must remember that Email inbox was a relatively new feature only introduced in v8.

The css issue i reported here Emails with inline css show all css · Issue #3011 · frappe/frappe · GitHub but it got closed for no reason ;-(

I will reply in more detail to the rest of your point later.

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Yes this is a bug, as I mentioned before.

I think that what he means is that when you receive an email from an existing contact, there is now clear reference to that contact and it still shows the “Add contact” option, what doesn’t make sense as it’s already a contact.

One other thing a noticed myself lately is that I’ve received an email from an contact as a reply on an email I’ve send. The status of the contact changes to open, what is correct. I didn’t reply to him in time so he send me a reminder, this reminder (follow up email) was not shown under the contact.

I’m also wondering why the body of the received email (like in the attached screenshot) is displayed in an editable text box. It doesn’t make sense to do this unless your sending (editing) an email, does it?

Thanks for your reply , this problem not only for contact , it’s for email address is in LEAD too .

Does anybody have a comment if above is the normal and wanted situation or that it’s a fault?

I think @meisam is right, the email inbox is too basic and needs to be improved so we can seriously use it.

I think we are trying to do too much with this email inbox right now and while down the road it would be nice to have the option to conduct all business in ERPNext i.e. email also…

I venture a guess that most users will already have a very robust client in play like Outlook or gmail.

I think right now we need to fix the basic email functions that allow current email systems to work with ERPNext, like having split logon for imap and smtp. This was how it was but for some reason was changed with out any documentation or explanation making configuration problematic.

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@Nimrod , @info @mayar @pee @gohyc @deepak727 @Julian_Robbins @clarkej @himanshu.agrawal9549 @mkf , Could you please share your experiences and suggestion for email inbox to improve this option .

My experience: Sent Mail, Spam & Trash is not working, a lot of pop connect error even with gmail most of the time, sure it’s very basic

I think that the most important job of a CRM, and I presume the email inbox is an important part of a CRM, is to connect the different communication with contacts an related documents/items so it can be traced back in the future.

One of the most frustrating things I experienced when using a stand alone mail client instead of using an integrated solution, is tracing back all the communications that has been relevant for a certain client, product, project etc.
I hope someone can explain me how to use a external mail client with ERPNext and still be able to trace all communication?

To improve the usability of the Email inbox I would suggest:

  • Solve the pop and imap errors
  • Display clearly the contact, and other documents the email is linked to (like the way sales documents are displaying related documents at the top of the form).
  • Make it possible to links emails to other documents many to many. (it often happens that in one email multiple projects / sales documents / products are discussed)
  • Only editable body and subject field when your composing an email not when reading.
  • Be able to group emails belonging to one conversation in a treeview.
  • Fix the CSS display faults
  • Be able to make an task, quotation and sales order direct from email.
  • Be able to easy set an reminder within a certain amount days if there hasn’t be a reply from the contact.

I think that most things shouldn’t be that hard to implement as they already exist for other doctypes, but i could be wrong I’m not an developer after all :slight_smile:


Hi @meisam,

Not working for me either, I have tested with my personal POP IMAP Server, and Even with Gmail Server, as @mayar said even I am not able to see the emails.

Apart form that, yes missing css fix is required.

I think the email inbox feature is need to be improve more, and it should act like the email clients, i.e. Thunderbird, Outlook etc, if the imap option is given, it should show the all folders including inbox sent spam other folders.(if I have created any other folder, as a subfolder of inbox).

It should have the separate search box for searching an email.

Good notification system for new incoming email, and if possible the rules for the email.


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Thanks all , Hope this important feature improve soon .

Hi meisam,

For me, I would like to do all my e-mail functions inside of ERPNext. So a robust e-mail client inside the system would be great.

As an example, I can’t really see all my communications in ERPNext. For example, under “Sent Items”, I see nothing even though I’ve sent plenty e-mails.

Currently, we’re using Zoho as our e-mail provider.

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mkf for all my outgoing and incoming mail accounts Append To is set to Communication.

My experience is, that field must be set for the email record list to be visible

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I’ve just playing around with the email inbox as I’m still wondering if it would be a reasonable option to use on an exclusive email client.

As mentioned by @meisam in his opening post he’s facing the problem that ERPNext doesn’t seem to recognize the sender as a contact (presuming that the email address is already assigned to a contact).

I’m facing this same problem. If I receive an email from an existing contact ERPNext doesn’t seem to recognize and link this. I would suspect that I would be able to find contact details enclosed to the email and more important be able to track this email from the contacts form just as you can with an email you’ve send to the contact.

My question are:

  • Is this normal behaviour or am I missing something?
  • Is there any progress on improving/fixing the email inbox?
  • What would be your workflow when using an external email client like Thunderbird or Outlook?


I do get the inbox well specifically the Opportunity section to be able to correctly map email addresses to contacts. I think this was broken a few months back but working on v9 for me.

In part of the CRM group who also want to work on email handling. Although this was something we discussed I can’t say that anything much has happened so far. Im not a developer so can’t help directly but I have been flagging CRM / email issues in github and raising a few ones that are now fixed.

Although it’s possible to interface with Thunderbird etc it is tricky. I use the Thunderbird redirect add-on to redirect mails I receive into a pickup address for ERPnext. This means that they get logged as Opportunities with the original email sender’s name too. But replying to mails is harder as the reply to headers need to match what ERPNext requires to intercept mails and add to the correct doctype.

Odoo went thru a similar issue. They had some nice Thunderbird and Outlook add-ons to work with Odoo but just found workflow was too clunky to work reliably so these were removed around their v7.

If you wish to help please join the CRM community group as the more the merrier :grin:

Thank’s for your reply. Do you mean that if a contact sends you a new email (not a reply), this incoming email is automatically mapped to the contact and shows up in his comments section? This is what I think is normal behavior but I’m unable to get it to work. I’m on version 10.

I’m also facing the same problem as discussed in this topic: Super email user role - #29 by dufani1 But unfortunately it seems that there were no answers on that topic.

After some reading around I’m really wondering what the added benefit of the Inbox is as it doesn’t seem to behave as you would expect from an email client?

As for your question to join the CRM group. I think that there already a dozen of topics and Github issues that have good suggestions and pointing out bugs and other problems. To move forward someone has to start coding, as I’m not a programmer I can’t help with that. I’m more than happy to test new things out but that doesn’t bring us forward at this moment :slightly_smiling_face:


What’s the status of the Email inBox thing?
I’ve been testing missive app but am looking for a one stop business suite to do my CRM, group inbox, accounts, invoicing etc…

Email inBox would be a really great feature to keep everything in one place.

any news for this thread?
Without a good crm with email working I cannot begin to use erpnext.
Is there also email tracking?