Improve documentation

I’m having an hard time finding where your docs are to improve the documentation.

For example, i want to improve this page Google GSuite

Could you add a “edit in github” link like the one every documentation generator has?



The link on the left side does link to the root index for docs. From there just navigate directories as structured in the URL of the docs.

Here’s the link to the page you asked

As for the suggestion, I think it’s a good one. I’d suggest creating a Github issue for it, since it’ll benefit a lot of users.

Open! Add "edit in github" button to docs · Issue #4571 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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If anyone is up to the task, I’d really like a how-to for practical development of the users manual. What is a basic development environment for (just) the users manual? I’ll write the how-to myself if I can get help on direction.

I’d like to be able to grab screenshots and desktop screencasts, and create or edit content, in a personal copy of the user’s manual as I work through the details of a workflow my demo ERPNext site. I would want to access my personal users manual from my demo site to “test” my changes, before issuing a pull request to the project. Does that make sense? What is your procedure?

Also, could this approach be used to create a “customized” version of the users manual? I agree completely with others that sharing floats everyone’s boat, but at some level of detail a workflow becomes client-specific. Assuming the client-specific workflow still needs to be documented, I expect the most convenient place for a user would be in the user manual. Perhaps client-specific information could use a special style and appear in a special way in searches, so it’s clear the information is specific to that organization. It may even be useful to give lay users the ability to update or augment their manual.


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