Incoming Emails client

Good day

So from what I can tell ERPNext and the Frappe Framework together only allow config of 4 mail servers:

  1. Outgoing emails
  2. Support
  3. Sales
  4. Job

Is there no application or way of configuring incoming emails. For example users can get a “work” email address which they access there mails in ERPNExt/Frappe framework to stop them having to access additional software. A simple email client to display incoming emails and respond to these emails would be great.

Have I missed something, or is this a development opportunity I should look into?

Its been on our list for a while. In version 5 its now much easier to add new mailboxes.

But yes we would welcome any help on this front.

Thanks, I will install version 5 and check out what is available.
Version 5 roll out: Version 5 - Rollout - #19 by adityaduggal