Installing custom app on Frappe

Hello , I have an custom app which is built on nodejs framework, what I want to ask is can I install it on frappe and if yes how to do it and and how that application is going to work

Hello there! Frappe is a powerful framework based on Python, specifically designed for building business applications. While it is primarily built to work with the Frappe framework, it is possible to integrate custom apps developed in other frameworks, such as Node.js.

To install your custom Node.js app on Frappe, you’ll need to follow a few steps:

  1. Make sure you have Frappe installed and set up properly. You can refer to the Frappe documentation for installation instructions.

  2. Next, you’ll need to create a Frappe app to host your Node.js app. Open your command line interface and navigate to the Frappe bench directory. Run the command:

bench new-app <app_name>

Replace <app_name> with the desired name for your app. This will create a new directory with the specified name.

  1. Move into the newly created app directory by running:
    cd <app_name>

  2. Now, you can clone or copy your Node.js app into the <app_name> directory. Make sure all the necessary files and dependencies are included.

  3. Update the file in your app’s directory to include the necessary hooks for your Node.js app. This file defines various hooks and functions that Frappe will use when integrating your app.

  4. Once your app is in place, you can use Frappe’s App installer to install it. Run the command:
    bench --site <site_name> install-app <app_name>

    Replace <site_name> with the name of the Frappe site you want to install the app on, and <app_name> with the name of your app.

That’s it! Your custom Node.js app should now be installed on Frappe. To access and use your app, you can navigate to the Frappe site, and it should be available as a module or accessible via a URL, depending on how you’ve configured it.

Keep in mind that integrating a Node.js app with Frappe may require additional configuration and adjustments, depending on the specific requirements and functionality of your app.

hello @AmeerBaathar I have implement it till 3rd step now I am in my custom app directory so can you tell me which command I have to use to clone it , means I have push that app code on github so do i need to do git clone or what

@AmeerBaathar Hi I want to ask if this project requires Linux os to operate. Since I’m using VirtualBox on my low end pc and there is some issue where the VirtualBox do sometimes lags or stutter when installing Ubuntu. Is there any other alternative to VirtualBox? I am using Windows by the way.