Installing ERPNext app and DB in separate servers

Hi, I saw the script to install ERPNext in a server that runs all services in a single server.

Is there any such script to setup the same in a way that the servers are running in different physical locations, say a separate web, mail and db servers?


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We don’t officially support that kind of a setup, however, you are free to try it out. But the latency between ERPNext and the Database itself would be a dealbreaker, because it would slow things down significantly.

But that is what PCIDSS compliance demands for as a prime condition, afaik.

You can find some more insights about this issue in a topic called “Docker discussion”

I read an old post at Not Found by @pdvyas, but the thread does not explains how it scales?! More updates in this connection appreciated.

Seems like an Easter egg of frappe! :wink:

I have done this in one of our installation just used the script after that change the site_config.json ang change the address to different mariadb server.

In my case, the script may not work as I am trying in alpinelinux 3.3.3 as well as 3.1. I am trying manual installation.

Share if you have some notes.

Continuing the discussion from PCIDSS compliance?!:

@pdvyas wrote: There is site configuration option db_host (like db_username and db_password). Ideally, you would want the whole bench to use a common db host, so there’s a command bench set-mariadb-host that sets this value in common_site_config.json.

You can run bench set-mariadb-host after moving the database to another server and the system will use the new db host. Or you can skip bench setup in the installation script and run bench set-mariadb-host before you install the first site.

I don’t have any experience in manual install.

@zenny this actually could be a helpful step in docker-izing the bench. Seems like a nice low-hanging-fruit to just set the host to another docker container. I guess it isn’t a different ‘server’, but routing to docker and to a different server is not mutually exclusive.

@alec_ruizramon1 The issue raised is not to run in a docker-compose, but in different servers manually with scaling abilities to comply with PCI-DSS (Installing ERPNext app and DB in separate servers - #7 by zenny).

@vrms, certainly I am talking about manual installation for scaling which may not be covered under “Docker discussion” topic.