Installing ERPNext on Ubuntu 20.04 - Error

Hi, I just started with a fresh installed ubuntu 20.04 to install the ERPNext with easy install script, unfortunately we cannot proceed after the first step, the error and commands we run are as bellow:

Any help and clue?

This was an issue I ran into recently. The Easy Install script does not currently support Ubuntu 20.04

However, others have been using this: (UPDATED)



Follow this link to install erpnext on 20.04.

If you face any problem please let me know.


It works perfectly… Just follow the instructions!

You’ll find a more recent forum topic for new discussions here: An alternative installer for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

I was forced to open it because I was locked out of the previous one that you refer to.

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Thank you Patel for all help. I followed your post with one another user named ‘Omid’.

Refer this link.