Integration Platform - like Zapier but Cenit IO is FOSS

has anyone seen this

It might be worth looking at doing an intergration as it is opensource


Yes this looks very interesting. Is it something like an opensource Zapier?

If so I can see the Frappe team would be a bit keener than developing extensions for proprietary (albeit very useful) connectors such as Zapier.

In their apps I see a big gap on the ERPs :wink: Someone should maybe give them a hint…

They have added odoo but erpnext is better in my option


Their shared contribution lists 269 presumably public offerings with lots for Google.

For Odoo it seems to list just one made a year ago, of a sales order integration

The charge is per tenant and per X transactions.

A well supported integration platform that I’m familiar with is Mulesoft. It’s very flexible and built upon the principles of microservices. They are industry leaders and have a wide selection of pre-built adapters. On top of helping integrate to popular 3rd party apps, it could help ease migration efforts from legacy ERP’s with their pre-built Oracle/IBM database connectors. It also has very strong monitoring, workflow and error monitoring functionality. There is an open source version of the platform with strong community support. REST API’s and webservices map very easily.

Here’s a link of their connectors, everything on their site is well documented:

If anyone is interested in starting an initiative to build an ERPNext connector, I’m all in to help with architecture design and testing.

@Malcolm_Wilson we also have with this in the past They all have their merits. The central fact is that most business that use erpnext are not going to invest in building out a mulesoft, wso2, or centio infrastructure.

I was excited about these They are not open source, but they could help the community grow by giving companies an option, It was an instance like this that stopped me from joining the foundation. I had talked to the guy, and they ended the connector because of how the community seemed opposed to it. Im my opinion this hurt the community and gives a stigma that if you are willing to be purely opensource, then we wont want to work with them. The main reason that I posted it they provide both.

Thanks for sharing the post on DYSNC, it does bring up an interesting debate on FOSS. With Mulesoft, connectors developed by the community can be made free for anyone to use. They only charge a premium for connectors that are specially developed by Mulesoft. This could be a potential avenue since the software and connector can be made available to the community for free.

I’m also very interested in looking to centio and seeing what it can do.

@Malcolm_Wilson they could have helped the community. Like the quickbooks online connector to get the new update I would have to pay 3000 per client to get it installed and working. In this case I would go with DYSNC everytime

What stops DYSNC from developing the connectors required and allow the market to determine how necessary it is?

Do they need anything from the community to do this ?


i did check with dsync and they had an issue with erpnext authentication. I can’t get into the details because i don’t understand it :slight_smile: but yes - we need to welcome them as it would make a lot of integrating possible.