Internal Bank Transfer & Multi currency Transfer?

Hello there ERPNEXT,

Want to ask about the multi currency of ERPNEXT

In my company we have 2 set of accounts (1 local account and 1 USD accounts)

we use USD accounts for international transaction Sales and Purchase.
while our Local account use for Local transactions including salary and Cash.
We do transfering fund from USD accounts to local accounts…this one is the issue

I would like to know how to do this…Im searching it in Accounts tab but no luck I dont know where.

I already search here in forum with past issue…

Multi Currency Feature

want to know if it is already implemented.

need help with this one…thank you

@Nico_Labajo multiple currency feature exists. Please refer following user manual link to know about it.


thanks I will study this one

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HI @Nico_Labajo! You can also make entries on the currency difference basing from the previous rate vs. the current rate from the time of transfer. You may refer to this use case Foreign currencies, opening balances & revaluation

Hope this helps!

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thank you KABAYAN Creamdory…I will study this also