Multi Currency Feature


i would like to invite community to contribute with donate to help developing this feature,
For Multi-currency per account · Issue #1002 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
i had donate my self, but i dont think thats enough…

here the detail improvement :

  • Differrent currencies
  • Every account should have new field “Currency”
  • There should be something as “exchange rate list” with “date”, “buying exchange rate”, “middle exchange rate” and “selling exchange rate” between base currency and selected currencies over time. That list can be updated regularly by importing it in standard way.
  • Journal voucher item should have “Conversion rate” fields, similar as Sales/Purchase invoice has. They should be two of them: “base currency/debit account currency” and “base currency/credit account currency”
  • Default values for Journal voucher item “Conversion rate” should be taken from “exchange rate list” - “buying exchange rate” or “selling exchange rate” according to date of Journal voucher, but can also be modified manually, including “make new exchange rate”. If “debit account currency” and “credit account currency” are the same, no recalculation is done, just simple transfer.
  • All reports should have option “currency” and “on date” and be calculated in “currency” in accordance “middle exchange rates” as existed “on date”
  • We can also introduce new account “Exchange gains” that will be automatically debited or credited in every Journal voucher item according to difference between “buying/selling exchange rate” and “middle exchange rate”

@rmehta i want to ask , is the midle exchange currency used for reporting ?.. and buy sell is for transaction ?.. it should be like that i think…


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@bobzz_zone thanks for this. We will do this anyways since its promised, but donations will be welcome :smile:

how is it??.. any progress on this ?

Its on @nabinhait 's list. Got caught up with some paid development work.

estimated time?

How much will it cost to say, pay for this dev time for this feature? Honestly, I believe this feature should be a dev priority. UI and looks are important, but I think ERPNext to this point still not being a truly multi current application is quite not good.

@sinalsix the feature is on progress… just put some on bounty source to encourage them more … they said its a promise to publsh this, though i’ve been waited since last year

We will try for this week. Sorry for the delay, but we have to be revenue focused too :smile:

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Oh yes I agree revenues matter, after all, you’ve bills to pay. But honestly, I think a disproportionate amount of emphasis is being put on the look and feel of the app at the expense of some really important functional requirements, one of them being true multi currency.

Looks are great, but the first question I keep getting asked when I try introducing ERPNext to some companies is if it has multi currency.

I can’t help but to keep thinking ERPNext is more like iOS, with all the blitz and glamour on the look side but lacking some essential functionality ala Android.

@rmehta @nabinhait i wonder how it is going?..

@bobzz_zone this week for sure! We had some unexpected issues crop up last week.

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GREAT!!! really look for it… thanks

Hi @rmehta how is it???

Please refer the GH issue for updates.

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