Introducing Call Popup and Exotel Integration 📞

Hi Community,

We have been working on telephony services for ERPNext. And for starters, we have introduced call popup and Exotel Integration.

Call Popup displays important details of the caller from the ERPNext instance.


  • Shows Caller/Lead/Customer’s information based on incoming call number.
  • Detail about last interaction with the caller.
    • Issue created by the customer.
    • Email communication with that customer/lead.
  • Option to add call summary.
  • Option to create a new contact for unknown numbers.


Exotel Integration

Exotel Integration can be used to track incoming business calls on Exotel account and for triggering call popup. Please follow the steps for integration mentioned here.

Pull Request has been merged, so please try it and let us know your feedback.


Hello, do you ahve solution for Asterisk?

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Issue with me. So, any solutions did you get?

Did you find the solution?

No help