Introducing India Compliance 🇮🇳

Hello Everyone :wave:

As a part of splitting ERPNext into multiple apps, I am pleased to announce that we will be moving all features related to Indian taxation and accounting rules and regulations to a separate app called India Compliance.

  • This app will be released under the same GPLv3 license as ERPNext.
  • This app will be available together with Version 14. If and when you upgrade to this version, you will simply need to install this app on your sites.
  • This app will be developed, managed and supported by me and rest of the team at Resilient Tech.

Planned Features

We’re working on a lot of cool enhancements and features to make complying with GST and other regulations really simple.

Initial Release

  • Integrating GST Public APIs for simpler Party / Address creation


  • Integrating E-Waybill APIs for end-to-end E-Waybill management from your ERP itself:

    • Creating E-Waybills. Once created, A PDF of the E-Waybill (similar to E-Waybill filing portal) can be optionally generated:

    • Updating transporter / vehicle information

    • Cancelling E-Waybills

  • Moving India-specific features into the new app

If all goes well, we should be able to release this app by March-end.

A note on GST APIs

The GST Network tasked with developing platforms for GST compliance has tied up with GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs) to create, manage and distribute APIs to their platforms. We are working with some of these providers to create a fast and reliable solution for integrating with GST APIs. However, since this functionality is provided by GSPs on a chargeable basis, it will be available in the app as an optional, affordable in-app purchase. Fret not, you will be able to use all functionality that doesn’t require connection to these APIs for free.

More details about the in-app purchase will be available after the app is released.

Future Releases

  • Reconcile GSTR-2B/GSTR-2A with purchases
  • Auto-generate Taxes and Charges based on GST configuration
  • File GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B from your ERP
  • You tell us! :wink:

Special thanks to the incredible team at Frappe for giving us the opportunity to build this app and supporting us throughout the transition!

We will be creating detailed feature proposals as separate posts here, so stay tuned for those. Please comment here with any suggestions / feature requests / feedback.


Great work! <3

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awesome job

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Great Work.

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Great great we , it was a big problem in trying to work out taxes for us not in India


Smart - it creates a good way to model other country specific compliance requirements!


Thank you. I believe this can be used as sample app for other localization to come.

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I integrate GST Return Status API for Supplier with ERPNext and it is working fine.


As the app is released for v14 , where can we find the details for the E-invoice API charges ?


Thanks for reaching out. Here’s how you can access the pricing info:

  1. Install the India Compliance app on your site.

  2. Visit the India Compliance Account page either by clicking the relevant shortcut inside the GST India workspace or searching for India Compliance Account in the awesomebar.

  3. Sign up for a free trial! We’re providing 1000 API Credits over 3 months as a part of free trial.

  4. Once the signup is complete, the pricing will be visible in the India Compliance Account page when you click the Purchase Credits button.

I am attaching a screenshot here for your convenience:

Note that these API Credits will be usable for all API features released in the app, now and in the future, including:

  • e-Waybill
  • e-Invoice
  • GST Search API
  • GST Returns (work in progress)
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there is an issue while cloning the India compliance app on the frappe bench.
some vue dependency is missing.
error like export ‘default’ (imported as Vue ) was not found in ‘vue’
which i solved by multiple searches on google on how to resolve that error and takes around 2 hours to solve.
plz try to solve that dependency error.

yes, i am also getting dependency errors while cloning the India compliance app.
kindly resolve that issue.

This has been covered multiple times in other threads. The change was announced a while ago on the forum:

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Closing this thread, please refer to the existing threads about this issue or create a new one if your issue persists.