Moving India taxation to India Compliance app

Hello Community,

As announced here, as of today we have moved all the India Taxation and Compliance features from ERPNext (develop branch) to a separate app called India Compliance

From version 14 onwards this app will be the official app for all things related to India Taxation and compliance, in case your site happens to be on develop branch please make sure to install this app before updating your sites. You can find the steps for this listed in the apps README file.

Except for the breaking changes listed here all the other functionalities are expected to work as they do now. Patches have been put to take care of other changes.

There is one more change that the E-Invoice users will have to go through, in order to continue E-Invoicing, users will have to subscribe to paid-in-app services, your current API credentials won’t be functional along with this app.

In case you notice any issues please feel free to raise one here and we will try to resolve them at the earliest.

Below is a broad list of features and enhancements made in the India Compliance App:

  • e-Waybill auto-generation on invoice submission (setting)

  • e-Waybill auto-attach / print

  • Update vehicle / transporter details for e-Waybill

  • One-click e-Waybill generation from delivery note

  • e-Waybill applicability is checked based on transaction value (configurable) and presence of non-service items. User is warned if e-Waybill not generated.

  • Improved JSON generation for e-Waybill.

  • e-Invoice auto-generation on submit (setting)

  • e-Waybill cancellation with e-Invoice

  • Logging of e-Invoice and e-Waybill activity

  • Autofill party / address details from GSTIN

  • Subscribe to API and manage subscription from within app (will be enabled shortly)

  • Set GSTIN and GST category in Party and/or Address (standard fields throughout Customer / Supplier / Company)

  • Configure whether SEZ / Export transactions should be enabled

  • Configure whether reverse charge is applicable on Sales

  • Export Type and Reverse Charge are now checkboxes

  • Validation to ensure minimum HSN digits in Sales Items and Transactions

  • Improved Validations for GST in all transactions

  • Security and bug fixes