Is ERPNext 7 Production stable enough?

I have tried several ERPs, including Odoo, and by far ERPNext is the best. Its versatile, beautiful, and fits perfectly in the ideal frame of solution I’m searching for, for my company and our clients.

Problem is though, self-hosted ERPNext (Production V 7 ) has been notoriously problematic, from the setup to the bugs that keep shooting up in day-to-day operation. Perhaps its the open source model for driving up sales (I wouldn’t blame the team so much).

I think with a proper community as is promising of this one, we the users, together with the experts should be able to solve the minor problems that spring up in our daily use. Thats assuming that the developers take care of the more technically demanding ones, i.e especially those in the code.

What i really want to know is if there’s an organisation that’s successfully implemented and using ERPNext for a while, say between 3 months to atleast 1 year without crazy bugs that keep you from using the system.

If so, what version are you running, what hosting (not SAAS please), and how often do you face these bugs and what has been if the best way you’ve been resolving them?

Installation guide:


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Thanks ahead!

Well, I’ve been working in the same installation daily, for the last 5 months. Certainly not the longest running test, but it’s been a great experience.
In those 5 months there has been the occasional bug (twice, in 30+ updates) preventing a seamless update from happening without error, also, there have been MANY mistakes I made that prevented updates or things working correctly. There is an unavoidable learning curve.

That said, I’ve been using Ubuntu 14.04 hosted on a Digital Ocean 2gb ram server. The snapshot restore on DO is flawless. If I’m going to do an update I take a snapshot, do the update, if any error I roll back the snapshot and troubleshoot. The whole process takes 5 minutes. No data loss. No worries. Highly recommended. I’m NEVER stressed about updating.

If you take a good look at the forum and the issues coming up, the majority of issues are related to initial setup, customization problems, or an install or update not working. The system is quite stable for day-to-day operations so get it working, and let it work.

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Great stuff, you sound like one happy user.

One other important take away, from the sounds of it, is that you have to keep up with the minor updates. I suppose I can implement your update procedure with my AWS hosting.

Thanks for your insights @Dbone.

Yep, happy user.

You don’t have to keep up with the minor updates actually. You could easily implement a major update schedule only if you prefer. I’ve done 30+ updates in 5 months, but the production repo often gets multiple commits to it daily.

Definitely have a backup/restore process that you can trust. It will save you hair, face, and possibly your job, not to mention… data. :slight_smile:

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